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April 2009


                               FRIDAY APRIL, 17               6:00 pm to Midnight
    Dates/ Times
      SATURDAY APRIL, 18        11:00 am to Midnight
                               SUNDAY April, 19                12: Noon to 9:00 PM

A copy of this contract will be returned to you with your assigned space(s) after approval of the Springs River Festival, Inc. Committee. Booth spaces are 10’X10’ each. Cash, checks or money orders will be accepted as payment. After April 3rd, ONLY Cash or Money Orders will be accepted.

All items are subject to approval and will be limited to those items only. The Festival reserves the right to set minimum prices on food for the protection of all vendors. A picture of your booth and/or products displayed is requested. UL approved equipment and grounded extension cords are required. Tents and lighting will NOT be provided by the Festival. A 110 V electrical outlet is provided for each booth. Additional electricity must be provided by the vendor (subject to approval).

Return the original contract to: SPRINGS RIVER FESTIVAL, INC. P.O. BOX 661155, MIAMI FLORIDA 33266.

Exhibitor Information

Print Name:___________________________________________________________________________


City:  ______________________________   State:__________________     Zip Code:______________

Bus. Phone:__________________    Home Phone:___________________ Fax___________________

Product/ Menu Description: ______________________________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________       Date:_______________________________

Current Price Listing

          Food Booths: ______________________ $450.00
          Concession/Game/ Info Booths_______  $350.00
          Non profit food/ concessions/games:____ $220.00
          Non profit Information Booth:_________ $110.00

Number of Spaces:______________ Total Due:_________________ Date Received: ________________

Space Number(s) Assigned: ________________ Location:___________________________________

Approved by:______________________________ Date Approved:_________________________