BOOTH SPACE: All booths are 10’X10’. All space requirements must be stated on your application, and a picture of your exhibit must be attached to the application. If you use a motor vehicle the overall length must be stated including all attachments. Understating your space requirements may result in your relocation and/ or additional charges.

HOURS: Fri. 6:00 PM to Midnight---- Sat. 11:00 AM to Midnight---- Sun. 12 noon to 9:00 PM.  Exhibitor agrees to provide all materials and labor and necessary for set up and breakdown.  Equipment such as tents, chairs, tables etc. must fit in the required space provided and agreed upon by the Springs River Festival Committee .Arts and Crafts booths will be Saturday and Sunday only in their designated area.

SET UP TIMES:  Friday 8:00 AM for booths on Canal Street (food).  Friday 10:15 am for the Circle area booths(concessions). The inside traffic lane around the Circle closes Friday at 3:00 PM. Early set up is for tent or booth structures only. Merchandise should unload later after closure of the inside lane.  Arts and Crafts booths can be set up after 7:00 AM on Saturday. No structures allowed on the sidewalks.  Breakdown of all booths will not begin until 9 PM on Sunday with removal beginning at 9:15 PM.  All booths are to be removed by 11:00 PM Sunday.

ELECTRICAL POWER: Electricity is provided in one 115 Volt/ 15 Amp outlet for GENERAL LIGHTING on Canal Street and the Gazebo/ Circle areas. UL approved equipment and ground extension cords are required and must be of sufficient capacity to maintain a safe environment. Vendors are required to provide information regarding electrical requirements on their application. Any need over and above the single outlet capacity or hard wiring may be assessed an additional charge but then, only if approved by the Festival Committee or Festival Electrician.

 INSURANCE: Proof of insurance must be attached to the application naming the SPRINGS RIVER FESTIVAL, INC. as an additional insured,

SECURITY: Each exhibitor is responsible for the security of his or her property from setup until breakdown.  Police presence will be on site during the Festival from opening Friday thru Shutdown Sunday night,  for SAFETY AND PROTECTION ONLY.

CLEANUP: Each exhibitor is responsible for the cleanup of their booth space including trash removal. All dumping of any materials into the street or canal is strictly prohibited. Cooking oils/ grease MUST be deposited in the proper designated containers. Unsightly areas or areas in disarray will be cleaned up at the vendor’s expense.

LICENSES:  All licenses must be clearly posted. A representative from the DBPR will be on the premises checking for compliance.

VEHICLES:  Vehicles are to be removed as soon as unloaded and taken to parking areas.  These should be clearly marked on the locator map provided to the vendor.  Use of the space is restricted to the person whose name appears on the contract.  Vehicles will not be permitted to park on the grassy area of the Circle. Loading and Unloading must be accomplished from the inside lane of the Circle after the street is blocked by MSPD. Vehicular traffic is strictly prohibited on Festival grounds during operating hours, and not before 9:15 p.m. on Sunday after booth breakdown.

RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES: The Springs River Festival Committee reserves the right to close down any vendor found to be in breach of any of the aforementioned Rules and Regulations, and in that event NO refunds will be made.

There will be no exclusivity of food or products for vendors at the Festival however; the Springs River Festival Committee may apply limitationsAll fees are to be paid with the application a week in advance of the Festival. The Springs River Festival Committee retains the right to reject a vendor application for any reason. Cost of space includes fees for public services. Only cash and/ or money orders will be accepted within one week of Festival.


RETURN APPLICATIONS AND FEES PAYABLE TO: SPRINGS RIVER FESTIVAL, INC. P.O. BOX 661155, MIAMI SPRINGS, FL 33266.   For information, call 305-887-8666       email:      Website